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iTournament Brackets - Automatic Tournament Bracket Maker is your one stop solution for all your tournaments and league needs!

Ready to step up to the current times for your tournaments? Or are you content doing it the 8 track way...

If you’re tired of using PDF’s, Excel spreadsheets and Word Docs to keep track of your tournaments, running the risk of someone getting the old version of your schedule, iTournament Brackets is your solution!

There's nothing to download, works in all browsers, as everything is kept online on 1 convenient website and is GREAT for all sports. STOP making late night phone calls or sending out emails so teams know where they are playing. Let them view everything online, all you need to do is update the scores and the rest takes care of itself in real time!

Some fairly new features:

Text message game alerts! Sends text message of completed games with scores as soon as the game is completed!  (Need to contact us to sign up for free!)

Add a scrolling message to your tournaments. This is good for a rain delay message. Scrolling Message

View the entire schedule at the same time if you have multiple age groups. View the entire schedule

Set up a team overall standings/schedule and team points for tournament placement if needed. This allows you to set up your teams to be used in multiple tournaments and keeps track of what that team did. Click on the team names to check it out. Team Page

Set up multiple brackets off of one tournament. This is good for if you have different bracket levels based on your pool play standings. Multiple Brackets

Consolation brackets for 4, 8, 16 and 32 teams. Consolation Bracket

You can now overwrite the message on the bracket with your own message, so instead on seeing Number 1 Seed you could write Pool A #1 Seed.

Try our League and Travel team custom designed websites! Now with a behind the scenes tour!

Run your league schedule and keep track of all games automatically.

Auto create your schedule with locations, dates and even constraints! Create the schedule in minutes!

  • View all your tournaments online!
  • Keep up with all the game results!
  • See the results of all the other teams!
  • Up to 28 teams per bracket!
  • Print your own brackets, for FREE!

With iTournament Brackets it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Only $19.99 per year for unlimited tournaments!

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